Sideways weddings is a group of side hustling wedding planners, designers and hand letterers.  Plus one in house Engineer, who can tell you if your backdrop idea will stand or not. 



For couples that are not afraid to do things a little sideways!

We are based out of Portland, Oregon - with side homes in Calgary, Alberta & Victoria, British Columbia 


Sideways Weddings is built on my dream of working in the wedding planning industry, but doing things a little different, a little sideways.  Your wedding should be about you as a couple. If you want cake no cake, chairs or picnic blankets, it is up to you and we are here to help you navigate the way.


My background is in Communications and Medical Radiation Technology. I have been working as an X-Ray technologist in both Canada and America for the past eight years. On the side, I obtained my WPIC - Wedding Planner's Institute of Canada Certificate and got busy planning and designing my own wedding, friend's weddings and working as an assistant, for one of the leading wedding planing and styling companies, here in Portland, Oregon. 

The side hustle is real my friends! I love all things floral, calligraphy, coffee & champagne, with a side of balanced living and clean beauty. You can find me on the gram @meghan_dilba

Founder & Creator - Planner ,Designer & Coordinator



Jeffrey is Meghan's hubby. By default he is part of the team! By day he is a hard working, problem solving Hospital Project Manager.


By night you can find him cross fitting, gaming, helping Meghan with wedding planning and cooking up a storm.


Jeff is a wizard with excel, managing people, lifting all the heavy things and just being the most delightful human to work with. You can hear his laugh from a mile away and will always be in good hands with him on your team.

Assistant & Engineer



Erica was born in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but grew up in Texas. She has a big and beautiful personality and will make friends with all of your wedding guests, with a simple flip of her blonde hair.


She is a natural wedding coordinator and hand lettering QUEEN. Meghan and Erica love to collaborate on wedding signage and paper goods. 

Erica's background is in Medical Radiation Technology, Management and self-taught hand lettering. She has been working as a flex X-Ray technologist for the past three years.


Erica met Meghan through X-ray, where she organically started to help on weddings and became a valuable team member. You want Erica on your wedding, not only for her beautiful hand written signs, but for her jokes and fast friendship.

 Wedding Coordinator & Hand Lettering


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adverb & adjective

adverb: sideways; adjective: sideways

from an unconventional or unorthodox viewpoint.

"take a sideways look at daily life"

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