Digital Planning | Vendor Research

For the couple that is not ready to fully invest in a full planning package, but are in need of some help creating an overall picture, some step by step guidelines and help finding and securing aligned vendors. All with coffee in hand and slippers on feet. 😊


$400 for Digital Planning | $400 and up (depending on research needs) for Digital Vendor Research


For the couple that already has the majority of their wedding planning taken care of, but wants to fully take in and enjoy all their hard work. Treat yourself ! We will take over all your lists, vendors, spreadsheets, style boards and whatever else you got going on. We will ensure your day goes to plan, without you having to worry about logistics. Because love doesn't need logistics.


$1000 and up (depending on size and needs of wedding) for Coordination

Full Planning & Design

For the couple that wants to create a wedding that feels authentically them. But, we get that you are busy, with this thing called life, and do not have the time to do all the work. Let’s collaborate, be friends, get creative and create your wedding day.


$2000 and up (depending on size and needs of wedding) for Full Planning & Design

Design & Details

For the couple that has a thing for adding a little personal flare to their day. Chair covers are not your thing! Bring on the inspiration from your daily life, to your big day. Let’s talk fonts, colour theory, favourite shape, favourite restaurants and then figure out how to put it all together. Hand lettering projects are also our jam. Bring it on.


$500 and up (depending on needs) hand lettering is custom priced per project

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