Design & Details 

Quote based on needs

you will receive:

Anywhere from 6 months to a year before your wedding we will:

  • have a complimentary meetup to discuss what you have selected thus far, to drink champagne and get to know your style

  • let's get creative, let's draw outside the lines and create an aesthetic that screams "oh this is not at all traditional but i see {insert couples name} all over the place!"

  • design details can be anything from minimal to moderate to let's brand that shit

  • once you have booked us we will send you the ultimate checklist of all the various design details that could be put in place. you will check off all that you think apply

  • we will meet again to go over the checklist and have a brainstorming session. at this meeting we will provide a design details:

    • mood board​

    • color palettes

    • budget

  • up to 2 weeks after completion of the checklist, I will send a design proposal for each element on the checklist

You have all of the big decisions made! Date, venue and budget. But your Pinterest board is starting to explode. You need some help coming up with an overall design vision and how you implement this vision. Well we got you covered! 

let's do this!

3 months before your wedding:

  • All design details should be selected

  • sourcing rentals, supplies etc will begin

  • design projects will be quoted and assigned a timeline

  • materials and supplies for any design projects are not included and will be invoiced

On the day of the wedding we will:

  • set up agreed upon design projects. for example ceremony backdrop, table top decor, signage etc.

  • oversee design vendors

  • ensure design aesthetic is achieved

  • take down of agreed upon design projects

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adverb & adjective

adverb: sideways; adjective: sideways

from an unconventional or unorthodox viewpoint.

"take a sideways look at daily life"

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