Signs, Signs everywhere Signs!

We love to design them, make them, use them (reuse them) and see them !

How it works:

You can either rent from us, or buy them from us. The choice is yours

Step 1: Pick your material


Common materials include: 

  • wood

  • plexiglass

  • mirrors

  • chalkboards

  • fabric

  • anything we can letter on 

Step 2: Pick your size and amount of signs needed

Step 3: Pick your phrases 

Step 4: Pick your color & design 

How much does it cost you say?


  • Material cost - if you rent and we can reuse the material, you receive a 25% discount on the material cost

  • $40 - $200 dollars per sign depending on size and needs, we like to offer custom quotes per project

  • Easel and display provided - depending on sign size and ease of displaying

  • Pick up or Delivery - pick up is free & delivery within the Portland area is $30.00 dollars

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