Full Planning & Design

We know you want to create a wedding that feels authentically you. But, we also get that you are busy, with this thing called life, and do not have the time to do all the work. Friends we got you covered. 


When you choose to do full planning and design you can be as involved as you need.


How does this work? Let us show you the way

six months to a year before your wedding

  • If you are living in the Portland, Oregon area, obviously we will take you for a celebratory drink of choice. This initial meet up will allow us to figure out if we are a good fit. If you are not in the Portland, Oregon area we can figure out a digital meet up. 

  • If you decide that we are a good fit, next up is our Cosmo esque quiz/quizionaire! Yes we are bringing it back to the good ol high school days of quizzes to better understand you as a couple, heck, maybe you will better understand yourselves as a couple and where you both stand on what it is you want from your wedding.

  • Two weeks after we receive the finished quizionaire we will provide you with a paper and digital copy of:

    • Personalized Budget​

    • Checklist Timeline

    • Mood Board

    • Colour Palette

    • 3 handpicked venue options 

    • Access to the online portal ..to track all the things

let's talk venues

  • Once you have 3 narrowed down venue choices we will schedule a venue walk-through meeting to tour each one. 

  • We will establish a list of questions for each venue. 

  • After the venue walk-through meeting we will provide you with a the answers to the list of venue questions and a summary of each venue option.

  • Now you can sit with the information and feel good and stress free on making your venue choice!

let's talk vendor love

  • Vendors are the bread and butter of your event, they turn the dream into the reality. Selecting your vendors to match your vibe, budget and personality is so important and we are here to help you achieve just that!

  • We will draft a list of which type of vendors are needed and the approximate allocated budget for each one.

  • We will craft a small visual cheat sheet on your wedding to distribute to potential vendors

  • Vendors will view the cheat sheet, your names and contact information is kept confidential, to have an overall impression of what your event is about. If they believe they are the right fit for you they will put in a proposal to showcase their work for your wedding 

  • As we receive the various proposals we will go over each one, with a detailed eye, and forward to you with our attached professional opinion. For example, if we have worked with them before, their average review rate, price point and so forth. 

  • When you have narrowed down which vendors you want to book we can either book them for you or let you take over the communication and book yourself. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

let's talk design details

  • So we are making great progress! The venue and vendors are selected.

  • This leads us into the prettty the DESIGN DETAILS. Can you tell how excited we are. 

  • This is the part where your personalities get to shine! Let's get creative, let's draw outside the lines and create an aesthetic that screams "oh this is not at all traditional, but I see insert couples name all over the place!"

  • Design details can be anything from minimal to moderate to lets brand that shit. Most important is to establish what kind of budget we are working with and go from there. 

  • Yes, again we will provide you with a checklist of all the various design details that could be put in place. You will check off which ones you think apply.

  • With the purchase of the full planning and design package you will of course get our design proposal for each element on the checklist. However, materials and length of time for elaborate projects are subject to price negotiation.

  • Hand lettering projects are a HUGE part of our jam.

  • Design details should be finalized 3 months before the wedding

1 to 3 months before your wedding

  • We will track all your wedding RSVP

  • Create an RSVP guest list for who is coming, who is not, who is bringing whom etc.

  • Create room layout

  • Create seating chart

  • At 3 months before the wedding we will finalize all the design details

  • Vendor order confirmation 

  • Detailed timeline created for us, you and vendors

  • Manage any last minute projects

  • Coordination of 1 hour ceremony rehearsal, if needed

day of wedding

  • Woo Hoo! it's wedding day, we will be the first people to arrive and leave

  • Oversee set up to ensure it matches the vision and plans

  • Vendors' contact for the day

  • Distribute final payments and gratuity, if needed

  • Execute agreed upon design details

  • Coordinate with DJ/Musicians to ensure flow and order of ceremony and reception

  • Coordinate ceremony processional, recessional and reception

  • Cue speakers, musicians/DJs, attendees for important moments for example toasts, formal dances etc.

  • Pack one car with items to return to you for next day

  • Troubleshoot any unforeseen emergencies

  • Provide use of emergency kit

  • All the support, love and hugs!

let's do this!


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