Digital Vendor Research

Vendors (florist, caterer, rentals and so forth) are the bread and butter of your event! They turn the dream into reality. Selecting your vendors to match your vibe, budget and personality is so important. However, so very time consuming. We want to streamline the process and give you back time, with great reward!


How the heck does Digital vendor research work?

Lets meet up! We can grab whatever beverage choice you desire. During this meet up, we will draft a list of which type of vendors are needed and the approximate allocated budget for each one.

Now that we have a list of which vendors are needed and their allocated budget. We will craft a small visual cheat sheet to distribute to potential vendors. 

Vendors will view the cheat sheet, your names and contact information are kept confidential. The cheat sheet provides vendors with an overall impression of what you want your wedding to look like and be about.


If they believe they are the right fit for you, they will put in a proposal.

As we receive various proposals, we will go over each one, with a detailed eye, and forward to your with out attached professional opinion. For example, if we have worked with them before, their average review rate, price point and so forth.

When you have narrowed down which vendors you want to book we can either book them for your or let you take over the communication and book yourself. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

you will receive:

  • 1 in person or digital meeting

  • vendor checklist with allocated budget

  • confidential visual cheat sheet 

  • vendor proposals sent directly to you 

  • industry support & expertise


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