Digital Planning Assistance

To get the party started, the digital planning assistance is incredible if you are not quite ready to invest in a full planning package, but are in need of some help creating an overall picture and some step by step guidelines.


How the heck does Digital Planning Assistance work?


We start off with our Cosmo esque quiz/quizionaire! Yes, we are bringing it back to the good ol high school days of quizzes, to figure out who you are as a person.


This go around, you will grab a coffee, bottle of wine, champagne or whatever your beverage of choice and settle in for a fun filled quizionaire.


We hope to better understand you as a couple, maybe you will better understand yourselves as a couple and where you both stand on what it is you want from your wedding.


Once you have submitted the quizionaire, we will read it over with intensity and get back to you within two weeks time with a personalized budget, checklist timeline, mood board, color palette, 3 hand chosen venue options, that we think will fit with your mood, budget and access to our online portal, for the entirety of your planning. The online portal will help you store all the things and keep you on track. Of course you will receive a paper and digital copy for your records.


This may be all you need to send you sailing into clear calm waters for the rest of your wedding planning bliss. If you get stuck at any moment please contact us because we are here for you!  

you will receive:

  • budget

  • checklist timeline

  • mood board

  • color palette

  • 3 hand chosen venue options

  • online portal

  • digital & paper copy 


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